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FREE Coding Workshop by
Lets Unbound Fellowship Student

Experience the power of learning and teaching with Lets Unbound Students and unleash your true potential
Adding Fractions using Python
18th September 2022
4 - 6
11:00 AM ET (Eastern Time US)
8:30 PM IST (Indian Standard Time)
7:00 PM GST (Gulf Standard Time)
* If you are joining from different country, please check your local time.
About The Workshop

While we talk about simplicity as a virtue leading to great things, Python is a true example of it in the world of programming. Despite being the most easily readable language it is one of the high-level programming languages used in the world today to build simple to ultra-complex programs. 

Our mentors have been training students at Lets Unbound in various coding languages to build projects across domains, such as game development, app development, web development, and the like. One such student,
Rushil Shah,  has mastered the skill and is ready to conduct a workshop in Python for his peers. 

At Lets Unbound, we not only groom you to create but also to nurture! 

What's in it for your child
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Peer to peer learning

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 Participation at a global level


Certificate of Participation


Creative Learning with experienced mentors

Meet your Mentor

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Rushil Shah

Lets Unbound fellowship student

Member of Lets Unbound since September 2021


About Fellowship Program

Lets Unbound Fellowship is a first-class, versatile program made for children who dare to dream big and chase them. We help your child in unlocking their true potential by letting them learn, create and experiment.

Our fellowship model allows the students to tackle real-life problems in an innovative way by working together with like-minded individuals and experienced mentors. We aim to reward curiosities, empower innovations and load them up with skills and confidence. The program covers disciplines from Technology, Finance, Management, and Global exposure including entrepreneurship.

For ambitious & passionate Middle and High school students

We can't wait to help you spread your wings and Lets unbound!

What Will You Need?

A computer (PC, Mac)
An internet connection
Zoom App Installed
No prior programming experience needed
Enthusiastic you!

What Our Students & their Parents Say

Review by Rushil
Review by Ramakrishna
Review by Rashmi
Review by Rehan
Review by Lisa
Review by Samaira

Why Coding Is Important For Kids?

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Creativity is a core component in every domain of learning. The virtual world is unlimited, what has to be harnessed is merely a child’s imagination by establishing coding as an anchor.

collaboration skills (1).png
Collaboration skills

Every child's capacity to communicate ideas and thoughts with another individual to reach a common goal skyrockets when they learn to code.


problem solving (1).png
Problem-solving skills

Problem solving takes on a whole new meaning when your child knows how to code. Children quickly learn to fix and try new things in a variety of situations.


computational thinking (1) (1).png
Computational thinking

Computational Thinking is built on the foundation of coding. It teaches your kid to think critically about problems and come up with feasible solutions.



Why Join Our Workshop?

Free Session with our Top Mentor

A free session with one of the top mentors at Lets Unbound.

Sneak Peak into 21st century skills

A fun sneak peek into the world of 21st century skills with a highly inquisitive batch of students only to dive deep later.

Productive Weekend

A productive weekend where your child gets a realistic and practical insight into a new area of study.

Workshop Participation Certificate

Workshop participation certificate at the end of the hour.





Get Certified by Lets Unbound

  • What is the Programming language being used?
    The programming language being used depends on the course. For Game/App/Animation development, we use JavaScript whereas Web Development is done using HTML and CSS for the front end and JavaScript for the backend. The Core Python course and the Core Java Course use Python and JavaScript respectively.
  • How will my child be able to learn coding in one 90 minutes workshop?
    Through the workshop, your child will be given a mere sneak peek into the world of coding. He/she will be given the opportunity to dive deep and explore the magical world of coding through this gateway. Teaching a concept and instantly applying the same to build a project motivates to think beyond the usual to further invent more and more games, apps, websites.
  • Does learning Game Development and Web Development have to be done in the same order?
    We suggest learning Game Development first because it helps the child to understand the logical flow of coding and computational thinking for problem solving. Students should develop logical and computational thinking ability primarily because that is the first step to mastering the concepts. Once they are familiar with those ideas, they may take up Web designing in the front end using HTML and CSS and move onto backend coding for websites using JavaScripts which includes syntaxes.
  • Can the projects that the kids do be published anywhere?
    Unbound students are able to develop practical and usable applications in game development and app development throughout the course. These projects can eventually be published and be made accessible to the public on their mobile phones.
  • How do you manage a group class with every student having different learning speeds?
    The concepts are repeated to the students who have difficulty understanding and any doubts they may have are solved immediately. Meanwhile, the students who have grasped the lesson already are given puzzles to solve to help them retain concepts better.
  • Will the students be able to cope up with their regular studies when they move up levels in the course?
    Yes. The sessions are only two days a week and concepts that the students learn are different from their regular academics. It can be seen as a fun and relaxing approach to learning new concepts rather than reading heavy material.
  • How can parents track the homework or learning status of their child?
    Homework links for each class are shared to the parents in three different ways, either using the class Journal, Classcard or an Excel sheet.The excel sheet also logs the completion of the homework by each student which can be accessed by the parents to keep a track on the progress of their child.
  • Are there any books that the student can refer to?
    We do not recommend any books. The kids at Unbound learn concepts using practical methods involving puzzles and projects which help them to remember the concepts well. They also maintain a virtual journal book by themselves, which they can refer to later on in case of any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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