Dive into the pool of knowledge – Introducing Summer Camps on Coding and Computational Thinking

September 21, 2021

3 minute read

It is that time of the year again when we start stocking up ice-creams & watermelons. So get on-board Whizkids and Super Parents! With summers right around the corner, gear up for a time filled with engaging activities, learning experiences, and of course, chilled beverages too. Say bye to the ordinary coding-based programs, and welcome a broad spectrum of skills that are vital in this tech-savvy era.

While you can surely cool yourself down in an air-conditioned room, quench your thirst for knowledge with Unbound’s freshly-brewed Summer Program!

Curated with a lot of efforts and expertise, it aims to provide young kids with a fun summertime and platform to explore their potential. There is a first time for everything and, if you are new to the fascinating world of computational thinking, this is the right time to start. With this exposure, your kid will be all set for the semester-long sessions with a strong foundation.

Creating quality Summer Program began at the start of year . The curriculum experts at Unbound came together to thoughtfully create a refreshing curriculum exclusively for the summers to ensure that all courses are fun, interactive and age-appropriate

Do not worry about getting bored either because we have got a variety of courses to offer, ranging from game development to learning how to code using javascript to creating your very own website and so much more! And take our word when we say the courses are as delightful as they sound. Pretty APPealing, right?

We believe in fun with flexibility, so a one-on-one mentorship will be offered for a personal approach if required. Our summer program provide the dual benefit of personalized and peer learning. We have camps in small batch size with teacher-student ratio to 1:4, which is ideal for overall development. The kids would get to learn and also befriend! After all, making a new summer friend is a summer well spent. And what is even better is that your child will get to learn and grow with them! We believe in fun with flexibility, so a one-on-one mentorship is available on demand for summer camp.

We are enthralled to begin this program and are hoping for a positive response from the Unbound community. Are you as excited as we are? Tag along, and Let’s Unbound together!