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Learn Math Through Tech In A Creative Way!

Transform Your Math Skills into Creative Coding Mastery in Days!

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Project by Lets Unbound Student

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Summer Academy starts
10th July, 2023
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM ET
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Are you ready to step into a world where math and coding collide?

Encode Math is an awe-inspiring and mind-expanding learning program where math meets coding in an exciting and creative learning program. Discover the power of math as you explore, create, and have fun!

Get a Sneak Peek into Our Classes: Explore the Exciting World of Math with Creative Coding!

What's in it for you
Program Highlights

Our comprehensive program guides grade 6-8 kids in building exciting mathematical projects.

Lively Interactive Classes

Lively Interactive Classes

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First-class Demonstration By Expert Mentors


Illustrative Math Projects Via Tech

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Hands-on Elite Learning Experience

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Program Plan

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Session 1
Coordinate System & Shapes - Introduction to coordinate system and p5.js
Session 2
Patterns - Creating repetitive patterns using loops in p5.js
Session 3
Transformation - Translation and rotation projects
Session 4
Kaleidoscope - Building a captivating kaleidoscope using symmetry and transformations
Session 5
Line, Segment, Ray, Angle, Pythagorean Theorem - Exploring geometry concepts
Session 6
Distance and Midpoint Formula - Applying formulas to calculate distances and midpoints
Session 7
Sierpinski Triangle - Creating fractal patterns using distance and midpoint formulas
Session 8
Pi - The story and estimation
Session 9
Pi - Major project on estimating Pi
Session 10
Prime Number Spiral - Exploring patterns in prime numbers using Ulam's Spiral
Session 11
Prime Number Spiral - Major project on prime number visualization
Session 12
Wrap-up, Project Showcase, and Product Pitch

Discover the Fusion of Math and Coding: Learn to Channel Your Math Skills into Creative Coding!

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