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What is Lets Unbound Fellowship Program?

Lets Unbound Fellowships are specially designed, study, research or engagement programs offering childrens an exciting opportunity to learn, create and experiment in a particular discipline. From technology, finance, management and global exposure to entreprenuership, our programs offers right exposure to kids in helping the develop holistic 21st century essential skills.

Students work together solving real-world problems in a unique fellowship model that rewards curiosity, empowers innovation and provides them with the skills and confidence needed to excel in professional careers or entrepreneurial ambitions.

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Fellowship Program Pathway

Experience our proprietary built around your child curriculum & delivery start at M1 and gain experience for each completed online or off-university campus course. As you progress, you'll unlock a love of learning and prove mastery. Your ultimate goal? To reach M10, the mark of pre-collegiate or industry excellence. You’ll receive a personalized letter of recommendation from Lets Unbound, IVY League University and globally renowned technology startups, get an exclusive badge for your portfolio and LinkedIn, and attract attention from top universities and future employers.



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# Course Curriculum details are available on website www.letsunbound.com

* Group sessions and limited slots

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Fellowship Program Promise


Integrated certification with partnering institutions, universities, and technology startups around the world.


Personalized letter of recommendation from the Founders of Lets Unbound.


Internship stipend - Special earn while kid learns and refund of fee basis scholarships.


Multi-disciplinary approach - Technology, Finance & Management domains.


100 Hours of mentoring, 20 Hours of IVY League exposure and multiple event, workshops throughout the annual calendar.

What electives do we cover?


Is your youngster a techie?

This specialization facilitates your child to make his hands dirty with the diverse technologies prevalent in the current world.

Entrepreneur and Incubation

Obsessive Problem solver and Calculated risk taker?

This elective would be a launchpad for your child to become a future entrepreneur.


Maths is the lifeblood to keep the world moving. Make your child develop the finesse to ace any career field.

Computational thinking (Coding)

Give the platform for your child in their formative years to actualize their computational thinking skills and build a rewarding career in the coding field.

Financial Literacy

The most underrated skill is being well versed in finance. Choosing this elective would kickstart your child’s mind to nourish their financial health and become a strategic finance person in their salad days.

International Languages

The cognitive benefits of being a polyglot can never be understated. Boost the ability to connect with others and upscale the sense of assertiveness by learning a new language.

Spanish - The second most spoken language in the world.

French - The second most studied language in the world.

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The 21st Century is not in the distant future

FOUNDATIONAL LITERACIES How students apply core skills to everyday tasks


How Students approach complex challenges


How Students approach their changing environment


Our SILICON VALLEY LAUNCHPAD program for grades 8-12 can help, where we help build a foundation for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

As we traverse across the globe

Our program helps your child develop skills like

Critical thinking
Confidence Building
Global Exposure
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Get a Chance to join the IVY League - Start Early

Team with 25+ yrs of Edtech Experience & Alumni from

In the new economy, computer science isn’t an

optional skill, it’s a basic skill, I strongly believe every child has to have the opportunity to learn this critical skill. We are inundated with technology and I don’t want our young people to just be consumers, I want them to be producers of this technology and to understand it, to feel like they’re controlling it, as opposed to it controlling them.

- Barack Obama