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Building foundation for 






Career & Life

We at Lets Unbound are hinged on providing the best education needed to shape your child's career

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Academic & Tutoring

Is your child getting the best academic & tutoring guidance?

Age: 6  to 12 Years

Lets Unbound has the most qualifies mentors that help your students with the best quality guidance

Skills Academy

Does your child possess 21st-century ready skills?

Age: 6  to 18 Years

Access 100+ live skill development programs by top mentors to secure your child's future.

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College Readiness & Prep Classes

Is your child ready to enroll in IVY league Colleges?

6  to 18 Years

Prepare your child for Ivy League success with Lets Unbound's Profile Building and SAT, AP, ACT Test Prep Series.

Trusted by 2000+
students worldwide

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What We Offer
We have everything you need to make your child’s future successful!

Group Classes

Small Group Classes are highly interactive power-packed classes than takes ahead the spirit of learning together, 

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Prep Classes

Lets Unbound Prep Classes covers series of competitive exams from Academic to College Readiness. 

Ex. Math Kangaroo, SAT, ACT, AP etc.

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Skills Academy

Prepare your child for 21st-century skills like Computational Thinking & Coding, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Financial Literacy.

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College Readiness

Equip your child for Ivy League success by ensuring they are prepared for SAT, ACT, AP exams, profile building, and test prep, unlocking their potential to the next level!

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About Us

Life Skills by 18 
Life Goals by 35
for every child

Lets Unbound is a platform to provide 21st Century skills to kids to explore their potential and become the best version of themselves. Lets Unbound offers live and interactive online courses for children to learn 21st Century Skills , facilitated by top selected mentors.

Our Acheivements

Unlock Your Child's Potential with a Right program

All Our Programs

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Mental Math

Sharpen minds and enhance numerical agility through our Mental Math programs, making mathematics an effortless and enjoyable skill.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ 4.4 star

Taken by 185+ Students

Image by Ilya Pavlov


Unlock the language of the future with our coding programs, equipping learners with essential skills for the digital age.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 star

Taken by 210+ Students

Image by Rendy Novantino

Public Speaking

Master the art of confident communication with our dynamic public speaking courses, fostering eloquence and self-expression.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 star

Taken by 178+ Students

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French Languages

Immerse yourself in the romance of French language and culture through our programs, fostering bilingual proficiency and cultural appreciation.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐4.5 star

Taken by 120+ Students

Image by Enoc Valenzuela

Spanish Languages

Immerse yourself in the romance of French language and culture through our programs, fostering bilingual proficiency and cultural appreciation.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.4 star

Taken by 100+ Students

Empowering Voices, Inspiring Choices: Our Success Stories!

With over 3 years of dedicated education, Lets Unbound has positively impacted the lives of 2500+ students, and each has a positive story about us.

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What Impact we can create!

Hear Our Amazing Stories!




The classes give me the ability to stay on track and not forget anything because of reviews. The classes are also very engaging and interactive.


USA, Grade 5


It was an amazing event, I had so much fun connecting with different students all over the world. My experience was wonderful and i would definitely want to do it again.


INDIA, Grade 5


We make a good team together. We have made some good projects on Robolox Studio and have lots of fun while learning. It has been good so far, i have been enjoying the lessons now and then and yah .


UGANDA,Grade 4


The classes benefited me by teaching and expanding my knowledge of coding. I enjoyed the journey. It was challenging at first, but once I began to understand the concepts, I started  to like it, and now I can code easily without any challenges. 


USA,Grade 5

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