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Your Journey at
Lets Unbound Olympiad 2022


Preliminary Round Quiz

General Instructions

       The quiz consists of 30 questions.
       It will be for 15 minutes with a time limit of 30 seconds for each question.
       All questions will be MCQs with four options each. You may expect logical, verbal, and mathematical reasoning questions in the question bank. 
       You will have one attempt at this quiz and your score will be recorded based on speed and accuracy. Brownie points will be awarded based on how fast you answer.  
       In case of any hindrances before or during the quiz, you may write to and one of us will reach out to you immediately. 
       Copying, seeking help, or cheating in any manner is strictly prohibited. Please note that the quiz is proctored and will close automatically if the user switches to a different tab/window on the screen. 
       Only registered participants can take the quiz.

       The quiz works best on "Google Chrome". We suggest you open it on a laptop or PC for the best experience.

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What's In It For You?
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 Participation at a global level

A simulation of standardised tests for your child

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Blockchain Based Digital Certificates 


Smart watches for Winners

Sharpening your child's logical and analytical skills

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