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Comprehensive Curriculum

A curriculum that follows a good strategic approach of incorporating practical learning and conceptual understanding in proportionate amounts. Be assured to make your  child ready with the 21st century skills.

Key Highlights Of Lets Unbound Coding Course

Streamlined Platform

The platform that provides a seamless user experience to your child. Our platform is simple, learner-friendly, and stress-free to enhance the learning experience.

Structured Curriculum

A thoughtfully curated curriculum that trains the brain muscles of your child. Our course curriculum maintains the perfect balance between practical learning and conceptual understanding.

Live Classes By Expert Mentors

Live classes by mentors facilitating a two way conversation between the child and the mentor to make your child listen with rapt attention.

Practical Programming Projects

Concrete your child’s understanding of a concept with programming projects that are close to the real world.


Feature-Rich Coding Workspace

Aesthetically appealing platform housed with plenty of features to make coding a fun activity.

Certificate Of Completion

An illustration of the hard work and dedication to motivate your children and keep them in the groove for learning,

Explore 21st Century Skills


Project Videos

Lets Unbound holds the STEM Accreditation!

Stem.org is the longest running , privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization. A stem. Org accreditation manifests that the educational platform is an epitome of world class educational standards.

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Brilliant Projects by our Students


A game designed to gain score and catch all the gold coins by using a spaceship.

Made by Aarya, Grade 5

Infinite Space Run Game

Alphabet Cubes

An app that helps children to learn letters in a fun and enthusiastic way.

Made by Vihaan, Grade 3

water cycle project.jpeg

Water Cycle Project

The project shows the entire process of water cycle in an interactive way.

Made by Eshani, Grade 5

bunny chef game.png

Bunny Chef Game

A game designed to gain score by collecting carrots and avoiding bugs.

Made by Shravani, Grade 4


Library Website

A virtual library catalogue showing all the books in the library.

Made by Sandesh, Grade 6

space run game.jpeg

Space Run Game

A space game designed to make the astronaut tackle the aliens.

Made by Avantika, Grade 9

Why Coding Is Important For Kids?

creativity (1).png

Creativity is a core component in every domain of learning. The virtual world is unlimited, what has to be harnessed is merely a child’s imagination by establishing coding as an anchor.

collaboration skills (1).png
Collaboration skills

Every child's capacity to communicate ideas and thoughts with another individual to reach a common goal skyrockets when they learn to code.


problem solving (1).png
Problem-solving skills

Problem solving takes on a whole new meaning when your child knows how to code. Children quickly learn to fix and try new things in a variety of situations.


computational thinking (1) (1).png
Computational thinking

Computational Thinking is built on the foundation of coding. It teaches your kid to think critically about problems and come up with feasible solutions.


Why Learn From Us?

World Class Curriculum

Curriculum relevant to child’s immediate surroundings and aligned to academics

Productive Screentime

Productive screentime and enjoyable learning experience with our selected mentors

Expert Mentors

Expert mentors personalise the course based on each child’s unique needs

Become a Part of Us

Be a part of your child’s learning process and help unlock their potential





Certificate Of Completion

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