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Game Development Workshop with JavaScript

Learn to build your own game & have fun with your friends

Pass The Hurdles Game
8-12 years
9th April 2022
Time Zone
6:30 PM GST (Gulf Standard Time)
5:30 PM EAT (Eastern African Time)
10:30 AM ET (Eastern Time US)

* If you are joining from different country, please check your local time. 

What Will You Learn?


JavaScript Basics


Loops & Patterns


Conditional Statements
Computational Thinking
Logic Building
Game Design

“You’re building your own maze, in a way, and you might just get lost in it.”

- Marijn Haverbeke
Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

What Will You Need?

A computer (PC, Mac)
An internet connection
Zoom App Installed
No prior programming experience needed
Enthusiastic you!

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the most popular and widely-used text-based programming language. It is used to build interactive web pages, web applications, games, etc. JavaScript allows users to interact with the web pages whereas HTML and CSS are languages that are used to give style and structure to the web pages.

Using JavaScript along with HTML and CSS improves the user experience of the web page. JavaScript frameworks are well-suited to Mobile App Development, Web App Development, and  Game Development.

Image by Robo Wunderkind

JavaScript for Kids – What can they do?

JavaScript for Kids is a fun way of learning the basics of computer programming. It enables kids to know about the functions and operations behind the game they're playing. It arises their curiosity of how the user interaction works and how they can control them by giving such simple instructions to the computer using variables and functions.

Projects Using JavaScript By
Lets Unbound Students

Game Development

Maze Game By Advita

Age 10

Mobile App Development

My Calculator By Advika

Age 7

Web App Development

Tic Tac Toe By Torsha

Age 9


Why Join Our Workshop?

Free Session with our Top Mentor

A free session with one of the top mentors at Lets Unbound.

Sneak Peak into 21st century skills

A fun sneak peek into the world of 21st century skills with a highly inquisitive batch of students only to dive deep later.

Productive Weekend

A productive weekend where your child gets a realistic and practical insight into a new area of study.

Workshop Completion Certificate

Workshop completion certificate at the end of the hour.






Eshani (8 years) has found an amazing teacher in Miss Daita. She is very patient, methodical, and consistent in how she teaches Eshani. Unbound has kindly allowed us to customize the learning content for Eshani and that has helped immensely. She has made really good progress in the last four months. She is learning Python and is now able to code simple sorting algorithms. Miss Daita keeps her engaged, motivated, and eager to learn. We are very grateful to Unbound and Miss Daita for nurturing Eshani's skills at such a young age.

student-Eshani (1).jpg

Ramakrishna Yerramsetty (Eshani's parent), US

I have been a team member of Unbound for several months starting September 2021. With the help of Miss Shruti, I’ve become much better at coding and have been able to learn and incorporate several learning skills. Because mathematics is a personal hobby of mine, I was able to use the Python language to improve this skill. Earlier this year, I won the coding competition that Unbound hosted by creating a multivariable function calculator. I am grateful for the team that has allowed me to see my potential in the field of computer science and the various languages I hope to learn through my continuation of Unbound.

Mentors were enthusiastic and made class fun. We got to learn new concepts and play fun games too. I always look forward to my session at Unbound.

student-samaira (1).png
student-Rushil (1).jpg

Rushil Shah, US

Samaira Gupta, UAE

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