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Learning gets a lot more fun this summer @ Lets Unbound

Updated: Mar 7

A vacation like never before

Learning gets a lot more fun this summer

Design a fuller summer for your child

The memories of childhood days filled with fun and laughter will brighten up the dullest of days, even in adulthood. Throughout the year, the curriculum keeps most kids occupied, and they look forward to the summer holidays to spend time in gay abandon.

Summer camps become the ideal meeting place for like-minded kids to gather and spend time in group classes, developing their interests and bonding with their peers.

And if you are wondering where exactly you could find THE summer camp for your kids, we are there with just the right courses and activities.

What courses to opt for in a summer camp

The courses or activities one takes up during summer vacation need to focus on learning new skills, igniting creativity, and enhancing life skills and interactions. They should not just be about increasing the knowledge quotient. Summer camps need to be an engaging learning experience, full of fun and frolic. The focus should be on picking up real-world skills and ensuring kids achieve their goals through a task-based learning approach.

The world is moving increasingly toward a tech future; hence, it is an excellent idea to spend this summer vacation getting better equipped for the future.

Lets Unbound brings the promise of an engaging summer with innovative, short-term, Ed-tech courses to keep bright minds engaged during the summer break.

All Roads Lead to Lets Unbound

At Unbound summer camp, we have curated futuristic engagements for

school-going kids. Many learning opportunities are on offer, such as syllabus

based on Mathematics Aligned Common Core Standards (US) and National

Curriculum Standards (UK), proficiency in International Languages like French,

Spanish, and German, financial literacy, and honing computational and

coding abilities.

The most exciting option now is Coding, which kids love to indulge in, and

given the proper chance, their hidden abilities might come to the fore. We have short-term courses for sharpening their coding skill sets by giving the scope to work on game development, websites, and web pages and also learning the fundamentals of primary coding languages like Python, Java, and the game changers of the tech world viz.AI and ML.

For younger kids, there is ample opportunity for their imagination to run riot as

they design animations of their choice and learn critical skills like sequencing, events, storyboards, and much more in a play-way method.

With age-appropriate modules, the kids are challenged but not intimidated as they prance their way through loops and interfaces. Rest assured, HTML concepts, coding basics, and numeracy skills are picked up not enforced on the kids. You, too, can smile when you see the spark in their eyes brighten as their creativity and imaginations take shape!

Limitless learning at the Unbound summer camp

At Unbound, we are committed to making the summer camp a stress-free

experience for all kids.

Manageable group size:

Affording peer interaction and personal attention.

Optimized delivery model:

Mentor-led learning followed by time for self-learning


For learning organized work.

● Structured and well-thought-out sessions

For developing logical thinking and computational abilities.

● Exposure to 21st-century skills




Critical thinking

● E-learning modules

For better accessibility and quicker delivery

Lead your kids on a path to growth and accomplishment

While learning to code, kids quickly and informally pick up all the above skills.

A student's success in coding actually builds his confidence and hones his

critical thinking abilities. The innovative ways the course is delivered at Unbound lead to learning outcomes that go a long way in spending the summer fruitfully and paving the way for a bright future for kids.

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