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Prepare Kids For Global Competition With 21st Century Skills

Updated: 6 days ago

In the digital age boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic, technology has reached dizzying heights in terms of innovation and competitiveness. Right from a young age, parents are preparing their kids to be future-ready by developing critical skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and coding, among many others. The scope of 21st-century skills expands to include financial literacy, curiosity, cultural literacy, and leadership as well. Together, they create a sturdy foundation for any career that your child chooses.

What are 21st Century Skills?

Technology and innovation are the catalysts in today’s dynamic global landscape. The Covid-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst to dynamically expand the cohort of new technologies in the global market. Through the fast traveling of information and its extensive spread, the world is coming closer than ever before. The coming decade will demand global skills for making the optimum use of human potential and stimulating growth on an international level.

For succeeding in this age of technology and global connectedness, you must equip your kids with more than just basic knowledge. By learning 21st-century skills, your kids will be ready to solve challenges with limited resources and compete and collaborate with children their age globally.

But, what are these skills? Why are they essential?

The World Economic Forum categorizes 21st-century skills into three cohorts. While the foundational literacy skills develop a child’s ability to apply core skills to daily activities, the competency skills hone a child to approach complex challenges with ease. The third cohort emphasizes the development of your child’s character qualities. These traits will develop their approach to the dynamic environment of the world.

21st Century Skills

Let’s take a look at some 21st-century skills.

  • Ratiocination: Ratiocination means to form a judgment by using logic and critical thinking. Through this skill, you can think rationally and clearly and understand the connection between ideas before forming a judgment. With a highly developed critical thinking ability, individuals can swiftly make big and important decisions. They can objectively evaluate a problem by favoring logic above emotions.

  • Creativity: Through creativity, kids move out of the traditional bounds of thinking and acting to create new and valuable products and services. Creativity opens the mind, allowing it to think about a problem from a fresh perspective. This helps in nurturing ideas that can change operations and technology significantly. Individuals use this skill to recognize and develop possibilities and ideas for solving problems.

  • Collaboration: By collaborating effortlessly with groups, kids can contribute to creating better and more impactful products and services that improve the quality of life and contribute to the wellbeing of humanity. By fraternizing, your kid perceives their surroundings, gets inspiration to create valuable solutions, and engages in the process of product or service building.

  • Communication: Communication is one of the most essential skills for a successful professional life. It helps you steer clear of misunderstandings, form closer and valuable relationships, and foster team building in a company. These skills can be taken to another level by learning a foreign language. Bilingual candidates are preferred over monolingual ones, as they can negotiate and explain in two languages. This can help in getting foreign clients for a company.

  • Flexibility: Flexible individuals are the most valued employees and highly successful entrepreneurs. They respond to change and are resilient. These individuals can quickly adapt to any unexpected situation to make the best out of it. Especially in a work environment, flexible individuals are preferred for managing demanding projects with many moving parts. As they contribute to making tasks more manageable, individuals with such skills effortlessly ascend the ladder of success in the corporate world.

Let’s learn how 21st Century skills shapes a child in their childhood and as they evolve. Short and long-term impact on Kids.

STEM education for kids enables the development of these skills for young minds. By developing critical thinking skills, children learn to find solutions independently. As future professionals, they will empower their organizations to drive change for the success and growth of the company. Overall, these skills will propel your child’s career growth by preparing them with the tools essential for professional survival in the 21st century.

On the other hand, non-STEM education prepares a child to communicate and survive in the global environment of the coming years. By becoming financially literate, they start understanding the value of saving, spending wisely and investing. This prepares them to live a financially secure life in the future. Similarly, learning international languages like German, Spanish, and French would bring them closer to the other parts of the world for collaborating and sharing ideas effortlessly.


Creative learning creates the groundwork for a child’s successful future. With a contemporary curriculum, it trains young minds to become eminent leaders of tomorrow. Along with adequate attention to professional skill development, such courses also allow the sun to shine on the development of personal qualities in a child.

Lets Unbound prepares your child for the coming age of global connectedness by teaching Computational Thinking, Coding, Mathematics, Financial Literacy (to be started soon), and International Language. Through a World Class and Proprietary Curriculum, you can see your child swiftly grasping complex concepts. This is because the course content is professionally designed to match the immediate surroundings of the child.

To ensure that the young minds grow under the best guidance, Lets Unbound assigns dedicated and experienced mentors for small batches of students. The platform is full of courses designed for developing future-ready skills. Kids can explore their potential gradually through these courses for enjoying the benefits of personalized learning.

Book a free trial with Lets Unbound to experience the new-age learning for future professionals.

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