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Spring Camps on Coding and Computational thinking

Updated: Mar 7

Spring is the season when the natural world comes to life. Spring is associated with a feeling of revitalization. Make your child a knowledge powerhouse with a heightened learning spirit.

Knowledge brimming to the brim!

Say goodbye to the boring coding-based programs that make your youngster yawn. Lets Unbound has come to your rescue by offering power-packed and knowledge-filled 5-day programs that a well-structured teaching sessions and engaging activities that will have your youngster learning new things with limitless excitement.

What can we provide for your child?

Every child is born with the capacity to excel in particular activities. Is there anything you feel your child is particularly interested in? Choose from Game and App Development, Websites, Web Games and Web Apps, Python, Java, AI/ML, and many more options.

Is your child creative and enjoys stories? Our Animation and Game Development course allows your genius to design, animate, and play. This course is similar to the beginning of a rewarding career that closely matches your child's personality.

Do you think your child enjoys creating new items from scratch? Why not let him test the water? Enroll your kid in our Web Development camp and watch him shine as bright as the star!

Do you have a child who is interested in coding? With our Java and Python courses, you can make them competent.

The ideal blend of personalization and peer learning

We believe that fun and flexibility should exist in the learning process. If a more personalized approach is necessary, one-on-one mentoring will be provided. However, realizing the value of personalized learning, and social skill development has led us to combine and balance individual attention and peer learning. How did we accomplish this? By keeping the teacher-student ratio to a maximum of 1:4, which is optimum for overall development. Your kids will be thrilled to learn and meet new friends!

The perfect balance of theory and practice

Learning new skills does not include storing information in the brain and repeating them in speech or in writing. A practical approach to applying the principles learned completes the learning process and cements the expertise for eternity. Lets Unbound mentors thoughtfully design a balanced schedule of live instruction and post-class projects.

Is it possible to make learning enjoyable?

Learning in an enjoyable method motivates the youngster to learn and increases his/her knowledge. The curriculum is crafted with a keen eye on making courses enjoyable, engaging, age-appropriate, and student-friendly. Our courses help students improve their logical and computational thinking abilities. We provide a bonus doubt-clearing session after the last session of the camp to ensure that the kid feels thorough and satisfied in the course he chose.

What can you do?

Make your child 21st century ready by teaching them skills that will act as an arsenal to compete in a fast-paced world. We are excited to host you in this program and foresee a positive response to the Lets Unbound community and course offerings.

Are you as ecstatic as we are? REGISTER NOW!

Tag along, and Lets Unbound together!

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