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How to Prepare Yourself for SAT Vocabulary

SAT has now been newly transformed into digital SAT and there will be more questions to test the candidate's vocabulary skills. Now it is very important for you to build a good vocabulary as well. So, what's the best strategy to prepare yourself well in vocabulary? Read this article to know more about the ways to build a strong vocabulary for your SAT test.

Best ways to prepare well for SAT vocabulary questions

Start and practice consistently

girl studying for SAT vocabulary

The best way to ignite your skills is to start everything very early. Laying up a good foundation for vocabulary always takes time and it needs consistent effort to furnish your skills. So, the first and foremost strategy is to start early and focus on improving your vocabulary in your regular preparation mode. Don’t wait, do it now and that now is today!

The more you read the lot you get

Small girl preparing for SAT

Reading is the only habit that intellectually develops your vocabulary skills. So, reading plays an important role in improving your Digital SAT vocabulary. Don’t limit yourself to reading, this means you should start reading all your favourite modes like books, journals, e-books, newspapers, blogs, articles and magazines. Always, expand your reading habit over all domains even in which you don’t seem interested. Because reading through all areas will help you know new words and their meanings. This will also provide you with the SAT words list. If you notice any new words which you feel are hard to understand, try marking those words and understand the meaning in that context.

Always, have a dictionary handy to unleash the meaning of new words you come across. You should always concentrate and closely watch to understand how these words are used in the sentences. This will give you a better idea and good control to use these words practically in your vocabulary.

Make your SAT vocabulary journal

SAT vocabulary journal

Develop the habit of creating your own journal or a digital document to not down the unknown vocabulary whenever you read. Don't write only the words, note down their definitions, and an example sentence to help reinforce its usage. This is one of the healthiest strategies to learn vocabulary effectively. Make use of the journal often to recall and review them on a regular basis to memorize them quickly.

Practice and make it your routine

practice rules

It is always an unforgettable truth that “practice makes a man perfect”. To make yourself very good at vocabulary you should start your practice daily. There is an ample number of online resources, games and puzzles to help you improve your vocabulary knowledge. This will also help you to be more prepared for your Digital SAT vocabulary questions. It is highly recommended to play more word games, and puzzles often to improve your understanding of words and to make you feel confident to connect words at appropriate places. So, practice and make yourself perfect.

Prepare flashcards

boy playing with flashcards

Don't ever underestimate the effectiveness of using flashcards for SAT vocabulary. Many do not know this. The flashcards can either be hand-prepared or digitally generated. This benefits you greatly. One side of the flashcard should carry the word and its definition or meaning on the other side. Take and review this daily, self-test yourselves recalling the meanings of the words. Additionally, flashcards with the word’s meanings can also be created to understand its usage in different contexts.

Go through vocabulary-enriched resources

SAT vocabulary enriched resources

Make use of the vocabulary-developing resources available online. We have plenty of them. Workbooks of Digital SAT Vocabulary, online courses, and mobile applications like Magoosh, and WordUp offer courses and worksheets to help you widen your vocab knowledge. These tools give you different levels of difficulty, focusing on areas of improvement. Equip yourself with more vocabulary to ace the SAT test.

Indulge yourself in conversation

two people having conversation

You should improve your conversational skills as well to get on a good track with improving vocabulary. Make yourself more comfortable in speaking with people and participating actively in conversations. Come out of your zone and build conversations with your close circle at least to start using new words and to get a grasp of your vocabulary knowledge. Join small meetings in your environment, participate in events where debates are held, and effectively speak with people so that you will come to know the correct usage of words and can get some important ideas from how others speak as well. Hence, it is always a good idea to keep up conversations regularly to develop your vocabulary skills.

Focus on context-based questions

man wondering about question

SAT test focuses on contextual usage and context clues questions. Context clue-based questions can be answered easily with extensive practice. So, go for questions which require you to determine the meaning of the word with the clues found in the passage. Identifying the tone, the connection between ideas, main ideas, and inferring details should be given prime importance. Context-based questions are quite trickier. Intense practice can break any tricks applied.

Recall and review regularly

SAT vocabulary review

Learning vocabulary is not an immediate process. While you prepare for the Digital SAT, you should always be aware that you are using the newly learned words correctly. Test yourself regularly, whether you can recollect the meanings and try to review how you use those words properly aligned to the context. Set some time apart for vocabulary while you prepare for your SAT and continuously monitor your performance. This will give you confidence and a systematic approach while you appear for your main SAT exam.

There is always a quick-winning strategy for all the problems that exist. Whether you are preparing for the SAT or other main exams, improving your vocabulary is like being on the safer side. Improving vocabulary will give you definitive confidence and the ability to tackle all other areas of your exam. Everything seems daunting unless you start. So, start following these best strategies to maximize your score in the vocabulary part of the Digital SAT exam. Start learning today, prepare flashcards, create journals, and make notes of new words you encounter. Accomplish SAT without even breaking a sweat.

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